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In Your Land

  • Clients:
    Jeff Mertz
  • Stack:
    Node, React Native
  • Media:
    Video Projectors, Chromecasts, iPad App
  • Venue:
    Glyndoor Gallery, Wave Hill Public Gardens

Jeff Mertz is a photographer and filmmaker. Over the course of three seasons, Jeff filmed birds in the greater New York City area. The footage, along with an original score, became a two-channel video installation for the New York Audubon Society's artist-in-residence program on Govenor's Island during the summer of 2017.

For the installation's appearance in the Glyndoor Gallery at Wave Hill, I built an interactive iPad app that adds an exploratory component to the experience, as well as the software that synchs the video streams with the content in the apps.

The web version of the film and iPhone/Android companion apps are in progress.